Bacon Meatloaf Burger

I used the buns from my previous post to make these burgers. They are really delicious. I still have a few in the freezer but ran out of the buns.

The original recipe calls for grilling but I made it on a cast iron griddle.

Here is the video of the original recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes.



Hamburger Buns

Last week I made Hamburger Buns using Chef John’s recipe which I will link in this post. I did not have sesame seeds so I have to call them just buns according to Chef John. Here is how the buns came out.


I used these buns to make bacon meatloaf burgers which is another of Chef John’s recipe. That’s for another post.

This is the recipe I used to make these buns.

Spiced Tuna Fishcakes

This was made from a Gordon Ramsay recipe. I skipped ingredients I didn’t have and added breadcrumbs. I also didn’t remove the seeds from the green chilies. Maybe that was not a good idea.


This is the original recipe.

Cooking in Cast Iron

I got a Lodge cast iron griddle over a year ago. I tried once and didn’t like it. The seasoning didn’t smell good. I had no idea how to care for the cast iron. Recently I watched a lot of cooking videos where the chef used cast iron cookware. So, I got the griddle out and started seasoning and using it.

Pizza from scratch

It’s been a couple of years since I learned how to bake. I started learning baking with a pizza using couple of recipes I found on YouTube.

This is how it came out last week.

Pizza crust was made using this recipe.

Pizza sauce and the rest of the pizza was made using this recipe.

I have made a few variations in the toppings like the one above which has bacon crumbles in it.